A lost species stripped of time and space, the circumstances that have brought these beings here are not documented in history. They came to revolutionize what was established before them because of their various traits and overwhelming energy. We will live unimaginable experiences together, we’ll see the hood in its purest form, with its strengths and weaknesses laid bare for all to see.

Please take a seat, get comfortable and discover what is behind each breed.
Fasten your seatbelts, stay tuned and enjoy the ride.

The Bluffer´s - Too Kind To Fail

Loving, friendly and supportive, The Bluffer walks through the streets of the neighborhood greeting everyone they meet. They spend the whole day eating junk food and listening to music. Since their arrival at the beginning of the 17th century, they timidly locate themselves in The Hood´s western sector, not wanting to disturb the peace. Do you want to give him a hug?

The Guga´s - Reject Modernity Embrace Tradition

The origins of this breed date back to the end of the 16th century, where Freddy Guga and Sophie Smith gave rise to one of the most charismatic gangs in the neighborhood. Generation after generation, the mandate to respect family tradition is instilled above all else. Classic clothing and flabby body, The Guga´s produce empathy in their neighbors.

The Siri´s - Nobody hangs out on our streets

The Siri´s parade through the neighborhood with a firm step and defiant look, imposing their supremacy on those around them. Wearing tight clothing, puffing out their chests and flexing at every opportunity, a Siri is crowned as Siri once they beat a rival in a street fight. Don’t ever walk through their streets without their permission. DON´T YOU DARE

The Roy´s - Limited Edition

There is not much to say about the most envied family in town, they are unique, powerful and exclusive. They are few in numbers with high standard lifestyle, the Roys represent what everyone wants to be as they try to follow their path. Lambo´s, Rolex, designer clothing and A-list parties. Flush with cash they are known to regularly give away 5 ETH to crew members without a thought... YOU DON´T BELONG TO THIS CREW

The Fisher´s - Keep calm…beers are coming.

They show up as they are -- authentic, lazy, rebellious and disobedient. The wind blows their lion locs as they walk the streets, drinking beer. They just love hanging out on the street corners and having conversations about nothing while people watching those around them. FUCK THE COPS !

Moli´s - Never Walk on the Shadows

Obscure, grumpy and prideful, this breed dates back to the 15th century where the Dogz World had just begun. No civilization, no rules and no protection made the Law of The Streets the way of life at this time. Mythologists used to say that the breeds who survived the 15th century would live forever.

The Charter - The Real Slim Shady

You´ll find them freestyling on their turf, showing off their baggy clothes and bling. Their lifestyle is that of a gangster rapper with little respect for the law. There´s been some friction with The Fishers when they cross each other. Don't miss it…Stay tuned.