Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Urban Dogz Club

How to mint?

NFT minting is the process of converting a digital file to a crypto collectible. It is impossible to delete, edit or modify the digital item or file stored on a blockchain. The process of uploading an item to the blockchain is called minting.

Step 1. Install MetaMask wallet,

you will need a cryptocurrency wallet to mint and trade NFTs. One of the most well known wallets is MetaMask, so we will be using that one. 

MetaMask is a wallet that you can upload from the web and install as an extension.


Step 2. Create a MetaMask account.

You will need to create an account first, and please make sure to write down the seed phrase that will help you recover your account in case something happens to it.The process is simple and straightforward. 


Step 3. Fund your MetaMask wallet with crypto.

You will need to send crypto from your exchange to your metamask account in order to start buying your NFT’s.

Make sure to check the price of minting an NFT before transferring funds to ensure that you will have enough for minting and gas fees. The minting price should be clearly specified on the page of the project.

Step 4. Connect wallet to the project’s website. After you’ve created and funded your Metamask account with Ethereum, you can connect your wallet to the project’s website and follow their steps to start minting NFTs.

When Will Urban Dogz Launch?

Our target date is April, 2022.

What will the price be at launch?

0.08 ETH for our whitelist members
0.15 ETH for public sale

Where can I view my NFTs ?

Once minted, connect your wallet to your Open Sea account to start viewing the NFT’s you purchased.

What is the metaverse ?

The Metaverse refers to a shared virtual experience where land, avatars and names can be bought and sold, often using cryptocurrency. The future phases in the Billionaire club’s roadmap will allow you to join this Metaverse using the assets you own.

What are the GOLDEN DOGZ

The Golden Dogz are the rarest NFTs of the Urban Dogz Club. Holding one of them (by lucky mint or through secondary market) open the doors to many advantages and rewards. Apart from the Golden Dogz family, there will be 5 limited edition dogz that will provide a prize to the lucky winners. One of those 5 winners will get 5 ETH (the KING) , while the remaining 4 will receive 2.5 ETH each (the KING’S heirs).