urban dogz team

We are passionate about our work.
We are here to create remarkable experiences. We get things done. Above all, we have passion for what we do, and we are proud of what we accomplish. We are relentless and driven.

Growth and learning is in our DNA
Our curiosity sparks an endless appetite for learning. We can always be better. We are always pursuing growth on all levels and fronts.

We envision BIG and start small
We don’t welcome small thinking, but we’re all about small starts. We are responsible risk-takers. We try new things without losing focus on what really matters. We know that greatness comes from caring about the little day-to-day things. This helps us move fast.

We can do a lot more by doing less, better and faster
We always bring our best. It’s focused excellence. We are obsessed about quality but with an iterative, fast-paced approach.
It’s all about people
Always is and always will be. People matter more than anything. We care about those we work with and those we serve. We are all about building trust-based relationships and establishing win-win partnerships. We care about results, but not at the expense of people. Everything we do should build trust.

We are challengers
Change is the only constant. We don’t just realize that, we enthusiastically embrace and drive ongoing change. We challenge the norms and push boundaries. We don’t maintain, we multiply. We are bold in what we do.


We Value integrity in our team and with our community, focusing on transparency, and honesty as a commitment to our clients.


Our team strives to improve and think of creative ways to solve tough problems and the limits of current NFT’s


Our team has the drive to continuously improve our projects and communities. Providing an environment that foster professional development


Our team cares about providing a quality experience to the clients we serve. Aiming to provide a meaningful experience to our community.